Tier #1- Business' Residing inside the District, Exclusive to these Business' Only

$250.00 Annual

  1. Directory and Website Listing
  2. Promotion on Our Exclusive UTUBE Channel, along with other Social Medias
  3. Opportunity to promote Your Own Brand as an Event Speaker
  4. Representation at City Hall, such as:
    • Neighborhood Esthetics
    • Lighting
    • Vagrancy, ect.
  5. Networking with other like minded Business". Partnering with other Community and Neighborhood Associations. Creating liaisons and relationships, through events and functions, presented by the Sarasota Design District so all have the ability to participate and attend.

Tier #2 -Vendor Sponsorship

$750.00 Annual

  1. Listing in the SDD Directory and website
  2. Ability to promote products and services to SDD Members

Tier #3- Friends of the Sarasota Design District

$100.00 Annual

Business" other then Building Arts related residing inside or outside the SDD geographic area.

  1. Directory and website Listing
  2. Representation at City Hall

Bylaws of Sarasota Design Destrict